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Post-Recession — You Need the Best a Contact Center Can Offer

When Competition is Fierce and Attrition is High, Brands Must Enhance Service

A recent B2C (Business 2 Community) article, " The Strategic Role of the Call Center in a Recovering Economy ," makes a compelling case for the importance of contact centers in a competitive, post-recession environment where in-house budgets remain tight and customer attrition rates are high. Post-Recession — You Need the Best a Contact Center Can Offer

The article points out that customers who have a poor contact center experience are noticeably less willing to buy in the future, have a more negative perception of the brand and are less willing to recommend a company to others. This detrimental effect on revenues and word-of-mouth brand reputation is trending upward and cannot be ignored.

Fortunately, B2C notes that the opposite is true as well. Positive contact center interactions lead to greater loyalty, improved sales, referrals and overall shareholder value.

There are several simple steps companies can take to ensure that their customers have positive experiences with the contact center channel:

  1. Audit your contact center provider – too often, companies become complacent with their vendors, particularly if key metrics and cost targets are being hit. Make sure that holistic auditing that looks at culture and personnel is a part of the relationship with your provider.
  2. Be willing to make a change – it is important to be open to changing contact center providers if it is clear that it will benefit your relationship with your customers. Take qualitative metrics like agent quality, geographic location and cultural familiarity into account alongside other key performance indicators.
  3. Forge strong partnerships – whether you are sticking with a long-time provider or moving to a new one, it is crucial that the provider and its agents be fully qualified, knowledgeable brand ambassadors for your company. Through training and empowerment, make sure that your contact center is ready and willing to be the face of your brand.

In today's marketplace, companies that invest in high-quality service will rise to the top of their industry and outshine the competition. If your brand demands a contact center as a part of your service offering, be sure that you are investing upfront in the very best, which will yield high returns later.

We hope you found this month's Dialogue informative.

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