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Contact Center Benchmarks for 2013

What to Look for in a Contact Center Partner in the New Year

Contact centers are moving away from cost being the main determinant in all activities, according to the recent CustomerThink article, "Call Centers Get Savvy for 2013." As customers become increasingly knowledgeable and interconnected, a single-minded focus on cost in service is ill-advised, and will lead to decreased brand perception, value and slumping revenues. Contact Center Benchmarks for 2013 - What to Look for in a Contact Center Partner in the New Year

Brands that wish to acquire, satisfy and retain customers in 2013 need to be mindful of the key points in the article and select a contact center that is able to relate to their organization in the following ways:

  1. Size – a larger contact center is not necessarily the best choice. A partner that is able to proactively adapt, scale and focus on the client / vendor relationship in addition to customers is always a better fit.
  2. Culture – RFPs in the contact center space have focused on cost-related metrics for years. While cost considerations are significant, it is becoming more important for companies to select providers whose culture creates true partnerships with clients and enhances service quality.
  3. Agent capabilities – agents are at the heart of the contact center. While management and infrastructure are vital, today’s customers demand a lot from agents, who must be more empowered, knowledgeable and technologically savvy than ever before.
  4. Outsource wisely – outsourcing the contact center function with a ‘perfect-fit partner’ is a critically important decision because of the brand perception associated with it. Only consider providers with agents and locations that are seamlessly compatible with your customers’ expectations and culture.

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to help your brand keep up with today’s customers by establishing a relationship with the right contact center partner. Brands that invest in modern providers that focus on customers over all else will establish a solid foundation for continued growth and success in 2013.

We hope you found this month's Dialogue informative.

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