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Achieving Customer 'Wows'

The Crucial Role of Contact Center Agents in Service Today

Providing the best customer service sometimes means taking a step outside the box. A recent Forbes.com article, "4 Ways To Wow Your Customers With Excellent Customer Service", explains the importance of creating 'wow' moments for customers. The article references a YouTube video that went viral in which a Krispy Kreme store clerk impressed a customer by fulfilling his request for donuts that looked like the Olympic rings, free-of-charge. Achieving Customer 'Wows' - The Crucial Role of Contact Center Agents in Service Today

Brands that want to create 'wow' experiences are often dependent on customer-facing employees in order to do so. For many businesses, the contact center serves as their front-line brand ambassador.

Contact center agents who are well-trained and intimately familiar with the brands they represent are uniquely positioned to deliver 'wow' moments for customers. As empowered and proficient problem solvers — like the Krispy Kreme clerk — they can create lasting impressions that directly impact brand loyalty, retention and revenue.

Additionally, an agent's ability to directly access and leverage unique customer information in order to create meaningful interactions can maximize brand value for customers and create winning experiences.

Bottom line, contact center agents that have the willingness and resources in place to create stand-out experiences will drive brands toward success in 2013. Businesses must ensure that these individuals are well-trained, empowered and able to address unique customer needs.

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