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Customers Want Service Onshore

The Benefits of Bringing Contact Centers Back Home

Jobs and the issue of offshoring continue to be top-of-mind for many Americans. Earlier this year, a Gallup study found that Americans’ most-favored job creation method is simply keeping jobs in the U.S. Customers Want Service Onshore - The Benefits of Bringing Contact Centers Back Home

Businesses that are on a growth trajectory will inevitably need to examine the benefits of outsourcing, and by extension offshoring, in order to maintain cost effectiveness. Because of the staffing, technology, training and scaling challenges it presents, the contact center is often one of the first functions outsourced.

When choosing a contact center partner, it is advisable for companies to consider the tips and advice offered by recruiting executive Paul Harty in a recent Washington Times interview:

  1. Companies are choosing U.S. based contact centers because the cost benefits of offshoring are not as high as they once were, and the practice is often associated with decreased customer satisfaction and retention at home.
  2. Having a domestic contact center partner significantly improves the "quality" part of the outsourcing equation. Their close proximity to the markets their clients serve helps them maintain high service standards.
  3. Companies are learning that their brand and reputation are negatively affected when American customers become frustrated with the cultural differences and language barriers that are inherent to offshore service.

Clearly, there is pessimistic public sentiment associated with offshoring, and it behooves companies to take this into account when making business decisions in order to avoid negative customer perceptions and fallout.

While partnering with a domestic contact center may mean a higher level of investment, your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty will lead to higher brand favorability, value and ultimately by extension, increased business growth.

We hope that you found this month’s Dialogue informative.

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