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Beyond Telemarketing:
What to Look for in a Modern Day Contact Center

Contact Centers are Trusted, Valuable Partners

The telemarketing industry has evolved significantly over the past decade into a robust, productive, high-quality business. Technology, training and best practices have come together to ensure that many of today's contact centers serve as extremely effective, indispensable tools in a business' marketing and sales arsenals.  Beyond Telemarketing: What to Look for in a Modern Day Contact Center

Just as you would when searching for a qualified physician, it is important to conduct a background check when choosing a contact center partner. Here are some important qualities to look for:

  1. Strong compliance record – Contact centers are bound by industry and government regulations that ensure compliance with the do-not-call list and other consumer privacy legislation. When researching contact center partners, ask specifically about their record of compliance and avoid those that have any history of citations.

  2. Quality interactions – Superior contact centers work to establish a rapport with their clients, and train their agents to interact with customers and prospects in a respectful and personable manner. Fully scripted interactions, restrictive service, automated calling and other telemarketing techniques that are often deemed 'pushy' should no longer be a part of the conversation.

  3. Accountability – Contact centers should fully integrate with, and be held accountable to, their clients via transparent reporting and complete disclosure. All business practices and cost points should be determined by client need and desired results.

Qualified, professional contact center partners aim to enhance client and prospect interactions, and thereby build lasting relationships and revenue. Building a relationship with a contact center that is committed to adopting industry technology and innovation will yield truly remarkable results.

We hope that you found this month's Dialogue informative.

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