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It's All About the Context

How Meaningful Customer Interactions Build Loyalty and Save Money

 According to a recent Fast Company article titled, "In Customer Relationships, Context Is King," customer loyalty is built by utilizing context – taking into account customers' choices and preferences – in customer interactions. Using context not only strengthens customer relationships, but also streamlines interactions, which in turn helps "maintain your margins." How Meaningful Customer Interactions Build Loyalty and Save Money

A contact center partner is an effective tool for companies looking to develop context-rich relationships with their customers. However, it is critical that you have a contact center with the skill set to "create the most unique and valuable product-service configuration."

Here are a few key things to look for in a contact center partner:

Conscious conversations
A customer's need to be understood extends beyond what a scripted conversation can provide. It requires contact center agents that engage customers in a highly knowledgeable, natural way that makes note of past interactions and constantly adapts to meet customers' needs.

IT integration – Contact centers need to be able to seamlessly integrate with client resources and databases. This not only allows contact center agents to utilize contextual information from past interactions, but also serves to streamline the process of reporting information back to the client.

Agent selection and training – A rigorous staff selection and training process is vital to contact center performance. Agents must be talented in their ability to converse with customers and should undergo regular, comprehensive training that furthers their ability to solve customer problems in a professional, efficient manner.

Intelligent interactions that are sensitive to customers' contextual preferences will improve their perception of your brand and deepen their loyalty to you. Enhancing each of these will certainly help you achieve your desired business results.

We hope that you found this month's Dialogue informative.

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