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Growing Sales Through Early Lead-Generation
and Demand Teleprospecting

The Call Center Pipeline as a Key Component of Your Sales Strategy

New research shared in a recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that late-stage customer engagement, where a customer’s purchase decision is 60 percent complete by the time they engage the salesperson, is very common, often fruitless and highly characteristic of average-performing sales people. Growing Sales Through Early Lead-Generation and Demand Teleprospecting

On the other hand, high–performing sales people proactively capture opportunities at a very early stage, where customer demand is starting to emerge but is not entirely set. This type of pursuit, however, requires more lead-time and a larger pool of prospects.

Adding a balanced mix of outbound lead- and demand-generation and qualification teleprospecting to other lead-generation channels can significantly increase sales opportunities by helping to build and streamline the sales pipeline with qualified leads. A well-defined, executed and managed teleprospecting channel can deliver the caliber and quantity of sales-ready leads that will directly contribute to sales revenue and faster closing times.

Teleprospecting continues to be one of the most effective channels for sales pipeline development, but in recent years it has become something of a lost art. A contact center with sales agents that are trained in this skill set can be a unique, highly valuable tool in your sales and marketing arsenal, allowing brands to effectively tap into the 79 percent of marketing generated leads that SiriusDecisions estimates do not receive any sales follow-up.

If a contact center is able to ramp up quickly and integrate with the existing sales structure and brand voice, it will become an advantageous, and highly profitable, investment.

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