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The Greater Cost of Losing Customers

Contact Centers Build Relationships, Loyalty and Revenue

Each year, a number of new studies and articles look to address the issue of customer attrition and why it happens. Recently, Fast Company released an article, Attention Must Be Paid -- Or It Will Cost You Business, that dives right into the heart of this issue. The Greater Cost of Losing Customers - Contact Centers Build Relationships, Loyalty and Revenue

The article points out that people need attention. "It motivates them, it inspires them and it engages them. Most importantly, it makes them buy from you." When you don't pay attention to your clients, it will cost you their business – and that loss could add up to a lot more than the original sale.

Failure to adequately invest in keeping your customers – and in keeping them happy – can end up costing your business even more in the long run. Integrating a contact center into your customer care programs is an effective way to deliver the personal attention your customers need on a mass scale.

As your frontline, customer service agents are one of the most critical factors in increasing customer loyalty. Providing the highest level of attention includes the option to speak to a skilled, trained and well-supervised agent that can make that ‘human connection.’ Having a dedicated contact center with highly skilled agents ready to respond to your customers needs, on their time, will effectively ensure that happens.

As the article points out, "If you're not concentrating on the relationship and you're not demonstrating appropriate empathy for their concerns, you're unraveling the crucial personal bonds that keep them coming back to you with their business."

Bottom line, stellar customer service agents are the most effective way to give your customers the attention they want, and marketers must not sidestep the value of contact centers in their customer retention efforts.

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