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The Cost-Effective Solution for Outbound Calling

Outsourcing Provides Guaranteed Experts Aligned with Revenue Growth

Well-known sales columnist Geoffrey James recently wrote a column answering five crucial sales questions. Among the questions addressed is the validity of the 'cold-call' in modern sales practice. James' conclusion is that cold calling is alive and well, but the environment in which these calls are made is rapidly evolving. The Cost Effective Solution for Outbound Calling - Outsourcing Provides Guaranteed Experts Aligned with Revenue Growth

James points out that it is increasingly difficult to get prospects on the phone today, which may result in cold-calling being a less cost-effective lead generation method.

The potential expense of getting prospects on the phone undoubtedly relates to its usage of one of the most valuable resources in business — time. The time required to navigate through barriers and pursue leads via outbound calling may cause some marketers to abandon the practice, regardless of the revenue potential it presents.

The solution to this problem is to consider outsourcing outbound calling functions to a third party contact center partner. Trusting this important function to an outside provider may be nerve-racking to marketers — but it need not be if an outbound calling partner meets the following criteria:

  • Experienced providers – Marketers interested in outsourcing their outbound calling should consider the experience and success of their contact center partner. Providers who have high standing in external rankings and have a clear outbound focus and capability are ideal.
  • Experienced agents – James points out studies indicating great salespeople are not just well-trained, but also possess natural talent. This talent is enhanced through years of work experience. Contact centers that make it a point to hire experienced business professionals for outbound work have a clear edge over those that do not.
  • A blend of art and science – Artful sales talent can be honed and channeled by applying staffing, measurement and reporting techniques. Beyond experience and talent, the ability of a contact center partner to measure, report and deliver leads in a way that is client-optimized is crucial.

Outbound calling presents a great opportunity for lead generation, and ultimately, increased revenue. If approached from the outsourcing model, it can provide a wide pipeline of prospects, allowing internal sales teams to focus on promising leads without the obligation to invest time — and money — in the initial search for new customers.

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