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Taking a 360° Approach to Hispanic Marketing

Boosting Brand Engagement Through High-Quality Customer Service

As the fastest and largest growing demographic group in the U.S., Hispanics have tremendous buying power. Surging over 100 percent in the last decade (more than double the rate of the entire U.S. population) to $1 trillion, their buying power is expected to grow 50 percent in the next five years, according to a multicultural economic study by the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. Hispanic1

For savvy brands, the increased spend in Hispanic marketing is translating into greater revenue growth, according to a recent report by the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies. But, engaging Hispanic consumers and turning them into repeat customers goes beyond  media buys.

In a recent MediaPost.com article, Moving Beyond The Hispanic 'Right Spend' Argument, "Hispanic investment level for a company involves looking well beyond marketing. Particularly for new entrants into the Hispanic market, making sure you take a total business approach, considering product development, customer service and channel strategy, among others, are critical. Therefore, the right spend calculus needs to consider much more than marketing expenditures."

Customer Service
While the 2010 U.S. Census data revealed that the majority of Hispanics are bilingual, heritage Spanish speakers have greater difficulty understanding and discussing more complex issues, such as healthcare and financial information. Contact centers play an important role in delivering high quality customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction. The right contact center offers highly trained, bilingual customer service agents that can switch from English to Spanish with ease, deliver a seamless brand experience, understand cultural influences and can hold a ‘conscious conversation.’ Beyond their lingual-flexibility, these agents are empowered to make on-the-spot judgment calls which resolve issues immediately and appropriately.

Bottom line – When engaging the Hispanic market, spending more on Hispanic media is just the tip of the iceberg. A more disciplined strategy that includes highly skilled Spanish-speaking customer service agents will ensure brand loyalty and repeat sales from this rapidly growing group of consumers.

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