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What Savvy Brands Know About Keeping Teleservices Onshore

The Benefits of U.S. Based Contact Centers

In recent news, a coalition of high-tech firms and customer service companies formed Job4America, pledging to increase the number of U.S. contact center jobs, and for good reason. DialAmerica Dialogue

At a first look, the benefits of outsourcing to contact centers located outside of the U.S. (offshoring) to countries like India, Mexico and the Philippines may seem alluring — reducing upfront costs with cheaper labor and taking advantage of the time difference to allow for running a 24 hour contact center. While this option may appear more efficient, in the long run the quality and delivery of a domestic contact center outweighs the seemingly lower cost of an overseas one. What’s more, these initial savings can end up costing companies more in the end. If you are considering the possibility of offshoring, take note of the following benefits of U.S. based contact centers.

Economic Recovery
It’s a vicious cycle: A weak economy, high unemployment rates and fears of a recession directly contribute to less consumer spending. In turn, spending less slows economic recovery. Taking contact center jobs offshore is not good for the economy or for consumer confidence. With the U.S. unemployment rate hovering around 9% and the poverty rate at a record high 15%, consumers are far more reserved in their spending and this will negatively impact businesses across all industry sectors. Keeping jobs in the U.S. is not only good for people, it’s good for business.

Better Quality Customer Exchanges
For companies whose primary motivation is improving customer service, outsourcing your contact center capabilities provides multiple opportunities for service enhancement, including issue tracking and reporting, extra coverage during peak call times, 24/7 coverage availability and even multilingual support. Many U.S. based contact centers have the technology, training and manpower in place to provide efficient, effective customer service. U.S. based contact centers can deliver higher first call resolution (consumers' issues are resolved within one call), which leads to higher customer satisfaction, and ultimately, better customer retention.

Good Public Relations
Over time, the public has come to view offshoring in general as a bad thing for workers, and as having a negative effect on service quality. News over job creation and economic recovery has thrust businesses’ source of labor into the spotlight. The topic has even been satirized on the NBC sitcom “Outsourced.” Teleservices has also been a hot topic in recent months in the media as a major platform for job creation in the U.S. over the next few years. According to recent news reports, Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri is drafting legislation that would require contact center agents working outside U.S. borders to reveal exactly where they are located. Savvy businesses that are committed to job creation in the U.S. are addressing the issue as a public relations strategy to gain positive brand awareness.

Bottom line, domestic outsourcing can achieve many, if not all of the same positive aspects as offshoring without any of the negative consequences. It also keeps jobs in the U.S. and provides your customers / users with a more comfortable experience.

We hope you found this month’s Dialogue informative.

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