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A 360 Approach to Reaching Millennials

Brand Engagement is in, One-Way Advertising is Out

Over the past thirty years, marketers have been struggling to fully understand the Millennial generation and the best marketing tactics to motivate them. Defined as the generation born after 1980, they’re the first ‘always connected’ generation, sometimes referred to as info-maniacs.

A recent Miami Herald article, 'Marketing to the Millennials' explains that “with Millennials, it’s not about marketing to a demographic; it’s about marketing to a mindset. The old days of marketing were about pushing out a product through advertising and aiming it to a select group of individuals, usually categorized by age, gender, and sometimes ethnicity. The modern world of marketing requires much more work on the part of marketers, who have to pull their customer towards them by directly engaging…”

The article drives the point that brands creating a full, well-rounded brand experience and engage with consumers will be more likely to develop positive dialogues with Millennials. Unlike previous generations, Millennials have a need for this type of multi-channel communication. Marketers aiming to reach this consumer base need to think in terms of creating a seamless brand experience and communicating the brand wherever the customer wants to touch it. We can no longer simply market “at” these consumers but we need to develop an on-going dialogue with them.

DialAmerica Dialogue

Starting the Dialogue
Brand interaction on social media platforms, via on- and off-line discussions and through interactive advertising, is considered the new norm – it’s what’s expected from this age group. Creating a full circle brand experience that encompasses all consumer touch points is exceedingly important. Utilizing streamlined communication and marketing techniques through a brand’s in-store experience, online and digital outlets, and off-line channels like customer service contact centers allows consumers to identify with the company under one platform – creating a unified brand essence

This type of complex marketing mix is frequently broken down between multiple agencies, brand teams and vendors. Often the unified messaging is lost amongst the volume of partners. It’s for this reason that having a qualified contact center that can seamlessly align to a marketing team’s messaging is very important. Often a contact center will manage a brand’s social media platform, web-chat outlets and e-communications outreach. Having a contact center that understands the Millennial trends, trains agents across all platforms, and can reach consumers through multiple touch points is a vital ingredient to a brand’s success today.

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