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Getting Back to Basics

DIRECT magazine recently featured an article titled “Is Our Messaging Getting Lost in Our Medium?” In the article, author Michael Kahn analyzes the rise in mobile text messaging, with the U.S. topping 4.1 billion texts per day. According to Kahn, although most consumer-to-consumer dialogue, texting, tweets and posts have changed how people, companies and brands tackle marketing communications, these mediums are not effective in delivering the intended message. Today’s marketer is putting too much focus on the quantity of messages rather than the quality of the messages.

Marketers need to get back to basics and return to using mediums that are effective and can provide the best return on investment, including tried and true methods such as direct mail and teleservices.

DialAmerica Dialogue

As marketers seek to improve performance marketing programs, they must always look for trends in their data to adjust programs accordingly. If one area is outperforming another, they shouldn’t wait too long before they alter the program to compensate. This is a benefit that traditional campaigns have versus using a social media approach, where the campaign may sometimes take on a life of its own through consumers.

Well-trained teleservices agents can be a powerful medium for effectively communicating with customers. Live person-to-person interactions reduce the level of misinterpretations and customer confusion and provide the opportunity to introduce new products or upsell. In today’s over-messaged environment, leaving your brand’s messaging to 140 characters or a two-inch screen can be risky. Proper communication should not take the back seat to a relentless focus on numbers.

Balancing comprehensive, yet concise communication with strong, metric-based results is the key to a solid and high-performing marketing program. Customized telesolutions are great additions to achieving this communication balance.

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