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Bridging the Gap Through Customer Data Analysis

Today’s customer support systems are increasingly focused on multi-channel communication methods, the combination of online communication and teleservices. Alternatively, customer data analysis from each channel is still reviewed as separate entities. Many companies include social media outreach on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as part of their marketing communications and only recently have they begun to include the programs as part of customer service programs. Because of this disconnect, marketers are missing the chance to fully understand their consumers. It is vital to analyze all of the feedback and information received from both channels at the same time.

Analyzing the data from customer service calls is important; it allows a company to know the pulse of their current customer base. Prior to the current recession, marketing managers often focused more of their budget on acquiring new customers versus retaining existing ones. However, a recent whitepaper from Peppers & Rogers Group discusses how a one percent increase in the customer retention rate can improve a company’s value by five percent whereas a one percent increase in customer acquisition improves a company’s value by only 0.1 percent.

The way to achieve the ideal combination of communication, data gathering and analytics with customers is through the following:

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  • Quality Management By listening to customer support channels, companies can receive unsolicited feedback on the quality of their product or service. An unhappy customer may represent a symptom of a deeper problem. By employing the right data analysis, a company can determine the root of a customer’s issue, the scope of the problem, and the steps needed to prevent it from impacting other customers.
  • Agent Coaching – Today’s customer support agents need to be trained in communicating across all channels including social media, and how to properly convey a company’s marketing messages across each medium.
  • Real-time Agent Guidance – Monitoring customer interactions in real-time can provide valuable information about how a product is being received in the marketplace and the effectiveness of the associated marketing campaign. By monitoring the agent in real-time, quick adjustments can be made to ensure both the service and marketing outreach are aligned.

If utilized the right way, multi-channel interaction analytics provides a bridge between marketing and customer service. It’s becoming the only way for today’s consumer brands to improve loyalty and the bottom line.

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