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Top 5 Characteristics of a Successful Healthcare Service Program

In the healthcare marketing industry, clear and consistent communications are critical to ensuring successful customer service and acquisition programs. Due to the ever changing rules and regulations of the industry, there is always a high-level of dialogue between providers and members. Sometimes this information is confusing and overwhelming, that’s why it’s important for healthcare marketers to partner with experienced call centers that can guarantee the highest level of service to their members and prospective members.

With over 50 years of experience, DialAmerica has helped healthcare marketers acquire new customers and service existing ones with high-performing telesolutions. The following are five key characteristics to executing a successful program:

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  1. Flexibility – The most detailed program always needs to be flexible and be able to implement changes quickly and efficiently. It must be developed to adjust to the evolving healthcare regulations, enrollment rules and privacy issues.

  2. Scalability – During enrollment periods, there will be a significant increase in call volume, this is followed by an on-going maintenance period. Your teleservices provider must have the ability to ‘staff-up’ and adjust to service the intense periods.

  3. Experienced Account Management – Due to the complexity of healthcare programs, having an account management team with years of experience and knowledge will ensure your program’s success. Account managers with breadth of industry experience are able to be much more responsive to client and account needs.

  4. Organizational Depth –Today’s consumer utilizes a diverse range of communication tools and wants to have the option to use their preferred tool when accessing customer service or learning about a new product via the internet. Contact center agents that are cross-trained in communication tools and also in the diverse areas of healthcare help ensure a successful program.

  5. Market Sensitivity – It’s important to have agents that are trained in superior interpersonal skills and market sensitivity so they become an indistinguishable extension of the company.

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