Volume 4

The Digital Age and Teleservices

Despite the advances in the communication and marketing industries, traditional marketing programs continue to flourish. Telemarketing, first introduced in 1965, is still recognized as a valuable communication and marketing outlet today for the same reason it became popular in the first place...more

Is Social Media the Key to Excellent Customer Service?

Social media has become a catalyst for fresh thinking on how companies can improve customer service in the digital age. However, effectively implementing social media has been a challenge for many of today's corporations...more

Case Study: Telesolutions for Complex Health Plans

For several years, DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions has partnered with a disease management company that is dedicated to offering healthcare programs, services and products to the underserved and those with chronic illnesses....more

Arthur W. Conway
Chief Executive Officer

As 2010 comes to a close and questions remain on the stability of the economy, U.S. businesses are cautiously moving towards 2011. We have seen the marketing managers in our industry remain selective when allocating those precious budget dollars while budget planning. They are also demanding that marketing efforts demonstrate a high return on investment.

Despite the cautiousness, many industries are innovating and growing. Social media / digital communications offers new ways to reach consumers and increase brand awareness. This already has and will continue to have a major impact on the future of the customer service industry. Marketers must try to achieve the perfect balance between the convenience of communication technologies and the effectiveness of a human voice... more

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