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The Digital Age and Teleservices

Despite the advances in the communication and marketing industries, traditional marketing programs continue to flourish. Telemarketing, first introduced in 1965, is still recognized as a valuable communication and marketing outlet today for the same reason it became popular in the first place. Live customer contact has the highest potential to impact customer relationships in the most positive way.

Today, the teleservices industry finds itself in a transition period with the use of social media communication (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in business. This change derives from the shift of social media as a purely personal communication tool between friends, to a public communication tool that involves brands and businesses. As we look to the future, even with the growing importance of the new social channels of communication, the need for teleservices is still growing.

How Business Will Be Communicating with Customers: The New Outbound
Connecting with consumers on an outbound basis will become increasingly challenging for businesses as customers are now savvier to corporate marketing. Consumers' expectations for business transparency will continue to rise, as consumers become more vocal online regarding their feelings and experiences with brands. Digital communication has created a new emotional connection between brands and consumers with the use of such verbs "like", "follow" or "friend" on Facebook and other social sites.

Outbound communication will become increasingly focused; as marketing for marketing sake is no longer acceptable. Teleservices will play a critical role in executing targeted marketing campaigns because of the ability to develop very personalized outreach.

How Consumers Will be Communicating with Businesses: The New Inbound
As online and mobile technologies continue to gain popularity, they have solidified the importance of the consumer's need for a human interaction in certain situations. At the end of the day, no matter how detailed a website is, sometimes you need to speak with a person to gain clarity on your questions.

Particularly in sectors that require higher levels of security and service, such as healthcare, financial services or real estate, consumers will always want to speak with a live person to ensure they receive the appropriate level of customer service.

The Bottom Line
Digital communication has changed the landscape of communications and marketing. For teleservices, this change opens up new opportunities for the industry to expand its tried and true marketing techniques in new areas. Consumers now expect call center agents to be highly informed and be able to create personalized experiences. Whether it's an outbound/acquisition program or an inbound/customer service program, consumers will expect agents to work across multiple platforms (web, chat, social media, and more) to provide and retrieve information instantly.

Is Social Media the Key…

Telesolutions for Complex Health Plans...

Comments from our President...

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