Volume 3

Teleservices in Tough Times

Tough economic times challenge businesses to devise strategies that deliver tangible financial results – often within a very short time period. Teleservices programs provide an exceptionally effective solution in this environment. Here are ten reasons why...more

Enhancing Campaigns with Conscious Conversations

At some point, almost everyone has received a telemarketing call that felt mechanical, impersonal and scripted. It's a turn-off that irritates consumers and, just as importantly, poorly serves businesses that expect their marketing campaigns to provide a solid return on investment...more

Teleservices Business Increases Stateside in 2009

U.S. companies that outsource teleservices have been shifting a substantial portion of their business from off-shore to domestic providers over the past year. A recent survey conducted by American Teleservices Association (ATA) and sponsored by DialAmerica...more

Arthur W. Conway
Chief Executive Officer

In this difficult economic environment, marketers are increasingly turning to the teleservices industry to generate fast, proven sales results. Guided by sophisticated database modeling techniques, today's teleservices campaigns offer a results-oriented approach that enables marketers to target high-potential prospects and track cost-per-sale metrics with great precision.

In this issue of Currents, we explore how teleservices in tough times can deliver the tangible results the marketers demand. I've included an article that discusses the top ten reasons why teleservices programs provide an exceptionally effective solution in this environment...more

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