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Art Conway

A letter from Art Conway, CEO of DialAmerica

Regardless of how often customer service best practices have changed over the years due to emerging technologies and cultural shifts, the contact center has remained a constant means of engagement. To deliver strong and impactful responses that keep customers coming back..... more

Volume 16  

The Top Three Customer “Asks” for Call Center Services

The Top Three Customer 'Asks' for Call Center Services

Have you noticed some dramatic changes in your customers’ preferences over the past several years?
If so, you are not alone. Customers are increasingly demanding more from the brands with whom they do business. Surprisingly, however, an estimated 80 percent of companies either miss or mishandle crucial engagement opportunities
... more

Have You Considered the Hidden Cost of Savings?

The Greater Cost of Losing Customers - Contact Centers Build Relationships, Loyalty and Revenue

In the post-recession environment, business managers are mindful of any opportunity to reduce budgets and increase revenue....... more

The Power of Positive, Personal Interactions

Building Customer Trust In All Channels

While technology is changing the way we interact, it has not diminished the value of sincere interactions between brands and their customers....... more

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