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Art Conway

A letter from Art Conway, CEO of DialAmerica

In the constantly evolving field of marketing, staying up-to-date on new tools and tactics is key. At the same time, marketers shouldn’t lose sight of the more traditional strategies that can serve as the backbone of a program. A healthy marketing mix that includes the best of both new and traditional approaches will lead to success..... more

Volume 15  

Service is the Key to Marketing Success

Your Frontline During a Business Crisis

A recent CRM magazine interview highlighted the fact that "more than 90 percent of unhappy customers refuse to do business again with companies that have provided bad experiences.” This steep statistic is a stark reminder that every customer experience counts – especially service oriented ones.
Companies need to take a holistic approach to marketing that works... more

Utilizing Your Contact Center to Drive Marketing Efficiency

The Greater Cost of Losing Customers - Contact Centers Build Relationships, Loyalty and Revenue

Marketing departments are under constant pressure to increase efficiency, accountability and the rate of return on investments in their activities and initiatives. Just like a stock portfolio, it is crucial for marketers to direct funds to channels that bring returns.
Unfortunately, those channels are in near-constant flux, leaving marketers with an evolving set of tools with which to hit their target. Distilling what will work, and what will not, is their most imperative task.... more

Your Contact Center is the Key to Multichannel Marketing Success

Building Customer Trust In All Channels

In a 2012 study, Sitecore found that 9 in 10 marketers believe multichannel marketing boosts sales and profitability. Fast forward to the beginning of 2014 and this focus on the benefits of multichannel marketing has only accelerated, especially with ever-increasing innovations in and use of multi-screen marketing and the continued proliferation of smart phones and tablets.... more

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