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Art Conway

A letter from Art Conway, CEO of DialAmerica

In today’s fast-paced, instant gratification world, success demands that brands must make the most out of every touchpoint with both current and future customers. For the modern contact center, this means consistently delivering superior customer service and sales experiences that lead to satisfied, repeat customers.... more

Volume 14  

The Power of a Minute
Timely Responsiveness to Inquiries Increases Conversion and Retention

Your Frontline During a Business Crisis

For a brand to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace, it needs actionable strategies that increase conversion and retention rates. As technology improves and instant gratification becomes the status quo, focusing on swift responsiveness to inquiries is a powerful way to boost both conversion and retention. ... more

Making Your Contact Center
a Profit Center

The Greater Cost of Losing Customers - Contact Centers Build Relationships, Loyalty and Revenue

According to a survey from Deloitte, client-side business growth will drive increased demand for teleservices in the new year. For contact centers to act as a true business partner, they should actively contribute to the growth of the companies they work with – not just reap the benefits of it. Anything less is an underutilization of a terrific asset. ... more

Making it Easy for Customers
is More Important
Than Exceeding Expectations

Building Customer Trust In All Channels

According to The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty, a new book from CEB, if companies want to build loyalty they need to focus on "making it easy," not on "exceeding expectations."... more

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