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Art Conway

A letter from Art Conway, CEO of DialAmerica

In business, we must always expect the unexpected. To maintain and continue to build customer relationships during times of change, rapid growth or crisis, companies must align their communications efforts and deliver strong customer service. A critical part of being ready for these situations is fully engaging your contact center partner. This issue of Currents is about preparing for unanticipated circumstances... more

Volume 13  

Your Frontline During a Business Crisis
When the Communications Challenge is Great, Contact Center Outreach Can Make or Break a Brand in Crisis

Your Frontline During a Business Crisis

Having a crisis communications plan in place for unexpected events is essential in today’s business environment. Public relations professionals advise that a company's response to a crisis during the first 24 hours is crucial. In addition to preparing spokespeople, message points and contingencies, organizations must be ready to communicate important information to their customers on a short timetable ... more

The Greater Cost of Losing Customers - Contact Centers Build Relationships, Loyalty and Revenue

The Greater Cost of Losing Customers - Contact Centers Build Relationships, Loyalty and Revenue

Each year, a number of new studies and articles look to address the issue of customer attrition and why it happens. Recently, Fast Company released an article, Attention Must Be Paid -- Or It Will Cost You Business, that dives right into the heart of this issue. The article points out that people need attention. "It motivates them, it inspires them and it engages them. Most importantly, it makes them buy from you." When you don’t pay attention to your clients, it will cost you their business – and that loss could add up to a lot more than the original sale ... more

Business Transitions and your Brand
Contact Centers Must be Steadfast in Moments of Change

Building Customer Trust In All Channels

From the sale of Twinkies to potential airline mergers, 2013 has been a landmark year for large business transactions in a range of industries. The New York Times has even declared that the “mega-merger is back.” While mergers, acquisitions and other major business changes are busy times for company leaders, it is crucial that executives prioritize educating key stakeholders and identifying communications paths to deliver their new message. Brand, marketing and communications departments in particular must be prepared to raise important, tough questions about the impact of the business transition on stockholders, employees and, most critically, customers... more

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