Volume 1

Keeping Up With Compliance

As I attend trade shows across the country, I find that many people get nervous when the conversation turns to compliance. What can they do to maintain their company's reputation...more

Case Study: Selecting a Teleservices Vendor: Looking Beyond Cost-Per-Hour

As broadband Internet connectivity rapidly spread across the U.S., a large Internet service provider actively sought to upgrade its customers from dialup to...more

Information Security Standards for Success: 10 Steps to Protect Your Network

Today, information is a crucial asset for virtually every business. For competitive, operational and compliance...more

Understanding Cost per Sale vs. Cost per Hour in the Teleservices Industry

In today's highly cost-conscious business environment, companies seeking to utilize teleservices strategies to acquire or service customers...more

Arthur W. Conway
Chief Executive Officer

For the past 50 years, DialAmerica has charted the course for the nation's teleservices industry. Much has changed over the years, but our company - and our industry - has thrived because of our unique ability to meet marketers' changing needs. Today, there are three key trends driving the future of marketing.

First, technology has given marketers the power to target consumers more efficiently than ever before. But at the same time, it has given...more

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