We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, age, national origin, disability, which can be reasonably accommodated without undue hardship, veteran status, or any other legally, protected classification.

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Date of application: 2/27/2015

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a. Have you ever been convicted of a crime or offense of any kind?
Do not include convictions that were sealed, expunged or eradicated pursuant to law or a court order.
Explain any "yes" answer by providing the year of the conviction, the type of conviction and the outcome of the crime or offense.
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California Applicants: Do not identify convictions under California health & safety code 11357(b) or (c), 11360(b) (formerly subdivision (c) of section 11360), 11364, 11365 or 11550 related to marijuana offenses that occur two or more years before the instant application. Also, do not identify any conviction for which the record has been judicially ordered sealed, expunged or statutorily eradicated, or any misdemeanor conviction for which probation has been successfully completed or otherwise discharged and the case has been judicially dismissed.

Georgia Applicants: Do not identify any guilty plea that was discharged by the court under Georgia First Offender Act.

Illinois Applicants: Applicants are neither requested or required to provide information about any convictions or arrests that are part of records that have been sealed or expunged.

New York Applicants: You may answer "no record" concerning any criminal proceedings that terminated in your favor, per section 160.50 of the New York Criminal Procedure Law; any criminal proceeding that terminated in a "youthful offender adjudication," as defined in section 720.35 of New York Procedure Law; and any conviction for a "violation" that already has been sealed by the court, per section 160.55 of the New York Procedure Law.